The Proverbial Bear



Let me introduce myself, Dr B’ Beranimbo here a.k.a Dr B’. 17 days ago I finally stubbed out my long tumultuous love affair with ‘hot’ cigarettes. Do I miss them you may ponder, if you had asked my future self that question in advance 18 days ago (errr you know what I mean) I probably would of replied YES. Does the proverbial bear crouch and take a proverbial dump in the woodland. But I can quite confidently state that I don’t! There are of course a number of reasons for this…as a half intelligent adult, I no longer yearn for yellow fingers, teeth, and disappointed friends wishing I had seen sense years earlier. That is a genie escaping the bottle to say the least.

At this juncture, I will categorically assure you reader that I will not turn this into a preaching manifesto to quit smoking (if you do partake that is). I am a firm believer in liberal choice, plus if someone ranted at me, I would surely instruct them to fuck off . In short, for all it’s pitfalls, I enjoyed smoking. But I have had 17 days (each a quiet victory) to find something to replace my long tumultuous love affair for analogues…yes that’s right vaping (what gave it away ha). To coin a cliché, there certainly is a whole world of flavour out there folks. Furthermore, there is a community out there also, lingo, and hardware to nerd over. I could retort further, but…

I will keep this a brief encounter for now reader, if you like just view this as a fleeting ‘meeting’, besides there is plenty of time and much to discuss in the near future. Until next time, I hope life finds you well and in good measure. Incidentally, when the proverbial bear takes a dump in the woods, if no one to is there to observe, does he make a sound, or have I confused my adages?

Dr B’

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