BAT’s Vype ‘ePen’ – the quite staggering cost to refill


musingsSeasoned vapers humour me for one moment. This is not an article about the dubious moral duplicity of BIG Tobacco. I will reserve that judgement for a later date and I am fairly sure you may have already drawn your own conclusions upon that matter. Nor am I here to chastise the Vype ePen per se. Although if I was to draw up a list of desirable vaping products, BAT’s latest effort would figure very near the footer of said list, if at all.
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How deep are your pockets? ePen from Vype
What we are focused upon is some cold hard economics. How much does it really cost to refill the ePen with its exclusive ‘caps’ ie. cartridges compared to vaping with a regular (market average priced) e-liquid? Firstly, a couple of factors to take into consideration. The ePen is ‘officially’ only compatible with the Vype ePen Refill Cap, although if you explore the dusty depths of the internet you will find this to be an ambiguous statement.
Secondly, the refills are purchased in standard packs containing 3 cartridges per pack, 1.5ml per cartridge and 27mg of Nicotine. These numbers are constant, across the range of flavours. Yes that’s right, you cannot vary your nicotine level at all. Finally, the market price for each cartridge pack is £7.99 as per listed upon Vype’s official page. We are going to calculate the volume, in millilitres, you get if you were to take advantage of Vype’s offer; Buy 5 get 1 pack free. So, got all that? Lets crunch some numbers…
Cost of Vype ePen Refill Caps (packet of 3 x 1.5ml) cartridges

= £7.99 (total – 4.5ml)

Cost of buy 5 packets and get 1 free
= 5 x 7.99 for 22.5ml + (4.5ml – free packet)  

= £39.95 (NET total – 27ml)

Cost of market average e-liquid for 15ml

= £5.99 (total -15ml)

Cost for 30ml (closest to equivalent total ePen volume of 27ml)
= 2 x 5.99

= £11.98 (NET total – 30ml)

To clarify, lets speak broadly. It will cost you and your hard-earned dollar, £40 approx for 27ml of Vype’s juice compared to £12 approx for 30ml of the next best out there. I will let that sink in for a wee moment…are you staggered? You maybe should be when you consider many smokers’ first foray into the world of vaping comes via products like the ePen  and it’s counterparts out there. What is it they say?…knowledge is power, isn’t it?

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6 thoughts on “BAT’s Vype ‘ePen’ – the quite staggering cost to refill

  1. 27mg of nicotine?!?!?! WAY too high!! People buy juice in small quantities so they can change flavors. The absolute highest nicotine content I could buy at my local shop is 22mg but I use 12mg..and it costs $3.99 that lasts a week. How long does the battery last, 3 hours? Not too impressed with this product..

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    1. BAT are purely focused upon exploiting the uneducated here, with this product. Cost of liquid, stupidly high nicotine level to keep you chugging…I would love to write what I really think but it would probably be considered libellous 🙂 BIG thanks


  2. Hey all. I have found a cheap way to refill these by using a 1mm syringe (which you can pickup free in boots, and buy a bottle of e liquid and you are sorted!!.


    1. Hi – I too am scandalised by the cost of eCaps – but I genuinely like the shape & feel of the actual device. Can you explain how I ‘inject’ vape juice into an eCap?


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