Why you should always treat your new E-juice like a French Bordeaux Fine Wine

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So those little glassed bottle ‘lovelies’ have been delivered and all that remains is to choose which one will step up first so you can vape away to your heart’s content. Chances are up to this point, you have caned your way through the last of your reserves. You now find yourself stuck with 5ml of some god awful liquid (probably menthol) that a month ago looked appealing to you online. But hang on one hot minute, before you reach for the dripper…Dr B’ is going to try and convince you to adopt the basic principles of wine aeration and decanting, to truly fulfil the potential of that new juice…

wine juice

We will not at this stage get dragged into some prolonged technical explanation of the science involved with advanced wine keeping and preparation. However, we will steady are focus upon the two key areas of;

  • Aerating – process of introducing oxygen ie. air, to a liquid/substance, to aid the ‘opening up’ of flavours
  • Decanting – process of transferring a liquid/substance from one container into another, to aid aeration

steeping and aerating 

Before we progress further, a recommended practice is to take your new liquids and shake fairly vigorously until you can see plenty of air bubbles form. Once shaken, stand all of your new liquids upright, tops fastened and store in a dark (no natural sunlight) environment at room temperature or just below for 24 hours. Known more generally as steeping, there are many opinions on how long you should leave them untouched. For the purposes of this article, one day should be just fine and dandy.

So your juices have been chillin (errr you know what I mean) in the dark for a day, time to bring them back out into the world. Now repeat the following process for each liquid you wish to prepare. Source a container, crucially this should be of a wider surface area than your e-bottle. A wine glass is a perfect example, now pour your juice into the wine glass from a height far enough away from the glass as you can manage without missing it. Why? this will increase the liquid’s contact to the air and in turn the amount of oxygen it is exposed to. Once all liquid is contained in the glass, leave it alone at ambient temperature for approximately 20-30 minutes, out of any direct sunlight but NOT back into the dark just yet.


Your juice is now becoming accustomed to it’s new environment. Dr B’s tip here is to go and make yourself a cuppa. All being well, the 30 mins has passed and you can get your mitts back on the glass. Swirl the glass around, like the pompous people do in 30 seconds intervals ie. swirl 30 seconds, stand 30 seconds for a maximum of 5 minutes. Many proclaim there to be a particular method to how you swirl but it really doesn’t make any difference as long as the liquid is in continual motion whilst swirling. Finally, once the 5 minutes is up, cover the glass (cling film with an elastic band is suitable) and place in the same dark conditions as before for another 24 hours.

the double decant

If you have made it thus far unscathed, well done you will be vaping the smoothest e-juice before you know it. Last major task is to take the now empty e-bottle and wash with NON-chlorinated water ie. distilled, in a basin or bowl and leave to fully dry. You can if you wish initially wash out with tap water, as long as the final wash is with the non-chlorinated kind. This will rid the e-bottle of any impurities and prepare it for your newly loved and cared for juice. All that remains is to wait for the 24 hours to pass and pour the liquid from the glass back into the bottle and replace the lid. Your juice should now be fit for purpose but you can re-shake and leave if you choose to.

Fundamentally, these processes will have developed the flavour profile of your e-juice, without ‘over’ exposing it to the air. It should be remembered that different juices will develop at different rates but generally speaking this method is suitable for all. It should additionally never be forgotten that your e-liquid is only ever as good as it’s constituent parts and ingredients. As Dr B’ might unhygienically put it …”you can polish a poo but it will still be a polished poo”…on that note, happy vaping.

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