Dr B’s Juice Bar: Carnival by Time Bomb

juice bar billboard

  • Company: Time Bomb
  • Flavour: Carnival
  • Size: 15ml
  • PG/VG blend: 60%/40%
  • Nicotine: 18mg (reviewed)
  • Born: U.S.A (Costa Mesa, California)
  • Recommended stockist: Get Vape
  • SCORE: 4.2/5


Tasting Notes/What they say: An amazing popcorn treat that will make you wish the carnival was in town every day.

What Dr B’ says: Sibling of Buckshot Vapors, Time Bomb are ‘making a play’ for your sweet tooth here. Carnival is a devastatingly moreish vape. On the inhale, you are hit with the butter from the popcorn and whilst sweet it has a very palatable aroma with a ‘light’ nature. This balance in the flavour profile means you could quite happily chug away on Carnival as an everyday vape – slightly unexpected from such a sugar coated formation. Throat hit is smooth and vapour production pretty standard here. Special mention should go to the artwork on display, this is one striking bag of bones. Any quibble from Dr B’? He might just have to chase this one down for more, when the Carnival does swing back into town.

Dr B’ has no affiliation or bias towards any E-Juice supplier


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