Incoming: Mama J’s Juice Speciality Flavor Shop


mama bookmark 100%What is it they say?…behind every small business is a story worth knowing. Nothing could be more true than with Mama J’s Juice. Coming soon we bring you an exclusive interview with the two people behind the Mama moniker and we go in depth and find out what it really takes to make moves in the D.I.Y speciality flavour market. We will also, if Dr B’ behaves himself, be mixing some of our own juices to sample. All care of Mama J’s finely honed ingredients and expertise. You know what you need to do, keep it locked to Dr B’ Vaping for all of that and it just remains for us to say…take it away Mama J…
“All of this is either luck or destiny. We are very do it yourself and couldn’t find a juice we liked. The only people that would be able to satisfy our picky taste buds would be us. We started reading and reading and reading until we felt we had a handle on mixing. For the next 3 months we turned out junk! haha. Finally we figured it out and started sharing what we had learned with others.” – Mama J’s Juice
Mama J’s Flavor Shop: Facebook | Twitter 

6 thoughts on “Incoming: Mama J’s Juice Speciality Flavor Shop

  1. I’m so happy to see these guys getting proper recognition! I am a firm believer that anything they set their minds to do, they will excel,

    An excellent vendor and master mixer. I’m so glad to know you guys! You’ve worked hard for this and deserve nothing but blissful success.

    Thanks Dr B. And congratulations to Mama J’s.


  2. Small rules! Talk about service. I recently tried to purchase FA Bergamot from them and it was listed as out of stock. Well they must have been watching cause the next thing you know I get Bergamot along with my order. Free. Now that is above and beyond the call of duty.


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