Dr B’s Juice Bar: Pie Crust by Cloudz Vapour (London)

juice bar billboard



Tasting Notes/What they say: No, this isn’t grandma’s apple pie, but a Cloudz Vapour Apple Pie. Full of complementary flavours, think of ripe cooking apples, pie crust and sweet cream with a hint of spicy cinnamon. Sweet, but not too sweet, with tons of flavour. 1 of Cloudz Vapour – “The 21″ Our premium own brand juice developed by our in house team in Virginia USA. We have searched & sourced the best ingredients to bring you the best vape in bold flavours.

What Dr B’ says: Life seems a breeze when you nail it…ask Tiger woods back in ’97 when he blew the field apart in the third round at Augusta. In simple terms, when something works, it works! Pie Crust by Cloudz Vapour works, oh yes it most certainly works. They have hit the sweet spot both aromatically and metaphorically here.

There can’t be many vapers who don’t salivate at the thought of a flavoursome apple pie, all warm and lovely. Alas, it is a tricky endeavour to get such a proposition right. Rest assured, just as soon as you vape Pie Crust, you are instantly hit with flavour. 100% baked crustiness from the inhale all the way through to the exhale. It is quite uncanny just how accurate this flavour profile is. I could retort about the intricate balance of aromas at length, BUT today it would just work to say; the assault on the senses that Pie Crust envelopes you with is much like having your hooter and tongue in the mixing bowl at the same time (not a euphemism). Succulent apple, butter, flour, and cinnamon are all present and correct.

Any niggles? Yes, I would have perhaps liked the cream to have been a touch more prominent. That said, it’s in a supporting role here, it knows it cannot compete with ‘The Crust’. You would notice it’s absence if it wasn’t there. Throat hit is exactly where you would like it at 12mg; the sweet spot that lets the flavours flourish.

Dr B’ has no affiliation or bias towards any E-Juice supplier


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