Meet The Players: “The Real Art of DIY” with MAMA J’s JUICE SPECIALITY FLAVOR SHOP

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Please introduce yourself

Hi, we are William and Jessica from

mama logo red 100%

Where in the world are you?

We live in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

How did you get into the vaping game?

It’s all by chance. One day, almost two years ago, my partner at work brought in a ciga-like E-Cig. I hadn’t even heard of vaping. He said he promised his kid he would quit smoking. At the time, I had a two pack a day habit with no thought or interest in quitting. Since he made this promise, I told him I would quit with him. That day, I bought Jessica and myself some vape gear, and that was the end of smoking for us.

The magic of Mama J's Juice begins with the partnership of William and Jessica
The magic of Mama J’s Juice begins with the partnership of William and Jessica

I am a natural tinkerer and could not, for the life of me, find a flavor that we really enjoyed. While searching on google, DIY E-juice popped up, and we thought this was for us. We love cooking and making desserts from scratch. Generally speaking, we really enjoy DIY and doing things on our own. We started playing around and making different flavor combinations, and we even tried to clone our favorite juices. Every bottle we made, we’d put a little sticker on it that said Mama J’s Juice, joking that one day we’d be putting our flavors on the market.

In my quest to make great juice, I joined ECF and became friends with those who participated in what is now known as the “Purevapes” thread. The group of mixers from this thread had the same passion for mixing and vaping as I did. We tried new and different things and didn’t listen to what had been said repeatedly. It was a very intense, fast moving thread, and we all really enjoyed sharing new ideas.

VapingUnderground (VU) fired up, and we moved over there to continue the saga. With a change of name, “The FlavourArt Club formally known as the PureVapes thread,” and some new faces, the story continues with a wealth of information contributed by master mixer HeadInClouds, AmandaD, Cramptholomew, Thunderball, RocketPuppy, VapingUnderground moderator Huckleberried, and many others.

With feedback from VU and our own tinkering, Mama J’s recipes kept getting better. We had been receiving so many requests for juice that we decided to go for it, and we put our flavors on the market.

What sets Mama J’s Juice out from the crowd?


Every Speciality Flavor is uniquely designed by myself and exclusively made for Mama J’s. The same thing that makes mom’s cooking so delicious is what makes our concentrates unique. I take my time, use quality ingredients, and use flavors that I love. One of our top sellers, Game Over Custard, is a concentrated recipe made from ten different flavors. Just when I thought I had the greatest version, I still worked at it to make it even better. What sets us apart is ease of use. Instead of looking at ten different bottles of flavoring and wondering what to do with them, the work is done. People just need to add their preferred PG/VG/Nic.

Plus, we have Mama J, the most amazing woman. Other than being a mother and full time student, she makes sure daily operations at run seamlessly. We are constantly praised on how quick our orders have been shipped, and that is all her. All I do is mix. Jessica’s customer service and drive to make our company the best are beyond amazing.

What hardware are you buzzing about, currently?

Weapon of choice – IPV3

Right now we are on a Pioneer4you kick. I love my IPV3, and Jessica uses the IPV mini 2. Both are very solid mods. I’m a directional driller by trade, and this holds up every day in the field. The KuroCreations 6-in-1 multi coil tool is another must have in our vape box.

What future regulations do you envisage being set upon the vaping industry?

Both Jessica and I believe that safety is a concern, but we also hope that regulations do not exceed what is necessary. Vaping is the reason we were able to quit smoking, and we hope that regulations do not impede this for anyone. Opposition continues to grow. Even in our town, “no vaping” signs are continuously being set up. We believe that devices, in regards to power, and flavors beyond tobacco will be heavily regulated.

The best thing we can do is act courteously and offer information and education to those who don’t know much about vaping. As regulations increase, I think DIY will continue to grow. Luckily, Mama J’s will be around to jazz it up.

12 months from now, where will you be?

Mama J’s Juice is quickly expanding. We are continually growing our line of Flavour Art concentrated flavors and our Specialty Shop flavors. Soon, our site will provide more information on vaping and DIY, and we are considering increasing our product line to include mixing supplies. Mama J’s Juice recently began shipping to the UK, and within the next few months, we will offer shipping worldwide.

eliquide-flavour-artIf Dr B’ was sadly and tragically hit by a bus tomorrow, which of your juices should he try before the reaper taketh him?

Game Over Custard, Rep-Rep RD, a remake of wllmc’s Dr. Fn Pepper, and Peppermint Mocha Tiramissu.

Vaping top tip?

Vape what you like, and vape it often. The newest mod or the most popular juice doesn’t matter if you don’t love it. Vape what works for you.

Anything we forgot?

Don’t vape crap. A good friend of mine, Drew from Bull City Vapor, thought it would be a good idea to try Flavour Art Crab. It was one of those, I’ll vape it if you do kind of things. Jessica begged me not to, and it was so awful. As assumed, it was worse than vaping Roasted Chicken. I was able to wash the experience away with a nice Apple Pie vape.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you Dr. B! We are honoured to be a part of this amazing industry with great people like yourself. Thank you for having us.

The cream always rises to the top
A champion of Mama J’s flavor – ‘Game Over’ Vanilla Custard
Mama J’s Flavor Shop: Facebook | Twitter 

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