Vibes 2 Vape 2: Roland Appel (Guest mix); Compost Black Label Sessions

vibes 2


Roland Appel is a master of his class. Having been enrolled in the school of ‘dance’ for over 15 years, an expansive range of influence and experience has laid the foundation for him as both DJ and producer. Appel has the unique ability to span across genres and generations; not only within a single session, but also with the strength and confidence that proves a true understanding of dance music, both past and present.
Appel also continues to spread his wave of influence throughout his hometown Munich, namely with a monthly residency, “Sweetest Pain” at Bob Beaman – a club that has built a name for itself as one of the forward thinking, and creative spaces for dance music in Germany. Within the walls of Bob Beaman and far beyond, he continues to elevate the dance floor, whether in his production, or with his DJ-ing. His unique blend of rhythm and harmony, push and pull with the perfect tension to keep the people moving – Best works

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