Snapshot: The Flavor Chaser Vaper

snapshot camera

flavor chaser vaperWHO: Amanda a.k.a The Flavor Chaser Vaper

WHAT: E-juice flavours for now, but look out for more types of articles soon

WHERE: Right about HERE

WHY: I was looking for a vessel to practice descriptive writing. As a writer, I had become complacent in my skill level and needed something that would keep me on a regular schedule. I want to help newbie vapers/ex-smokers find their palette in order to kick their habit. I don’t think quitting smoking would have been as easy for me​ if not for all the great juices I’ve tasted. I am in awe of my ability to lay down cigarettes and toss my​ 15-year​-old​ habit. I NEVER thought I could quit. ​I loved cigarettes too much. I haven’t picked up one in six months. Vaping delicious juice is way more fun than smoking a cigarette will ever be.

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