Vibes 2 Vape 2: Digital Revolution by Orson Wells

vibes 2


After issuing the first edition of its Lifesaver compilation series in 2013, Frankfurt’s Live at Robert Johnson label is set to drop the second Lifesaver installment next week, gathering eight tracks from a stout collection of artists close to the label. Comprised of new productions from the likes of Roman Flügel, Massimiliano Pagliara, Lauer (a.k.a. Phillip Lauer, half of the Tuff City Kids outfit), Benedikt Frey, and Portable, among others, the compilation largely focuses on hardware rhythms; from the electro bounce of Lauer’s “Language,” to the crunch of Flügel’s “Tender Hooligan” and miniature shuffle of Chinaski’s “Futuresex,” the steady snap of a drum machine fuels much of Lifesaver Compilation 2. Beyond that, the record goes on to further assert the label’s fondness of tastefully melodic dance music, as an array of squirming analog synth lines and playful chord structures can be heard throughout the collection’s diverse run – xlr8r
  • Release date: March 16th 2015 on Live At Robert Johnson
  • Dr B’s recommended juice: A stubborn melon

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