Ads for e-cigarettes boost tobacco cravings

in the press


Television ads for e-cigarettes increase the urge by current and former smokers to reach for a cigarette, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication recruited more than 800 daily, intermittent, and former smokers who watched e-cigarette advertising, and then took a survey to determine smoking urges, intentions, and behaviours. Using a standard test to measure the urge to smoke a cigarette, people who smoke tobacco cigarettes daily and who watched e-cigarette advertisements with someone inhaling or holding an e-cigarette — known as vaping — showed a greater urge to smoke than regular smokers who did not see the vaping, according to the study’s findings. Read full article

Janice Wood. (15 March 2015) Ads for e-cigarettes boost tobacco cravings [journal]. Retrieved from


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