Meet The Players: “Vape-tricking All Night Long” with STATUS VAPE

meet the players pitch

Please introduce yourselves…

status logoWe are Status Vape, 10 friends who came together to form a competitive vape team. We cover the three main aspects of competitive vaping; coil building, clouds, and tricks. We attend a lot of cloud comps and have recently become really involved in the social media side of vaping.

Where in the world are you?

Untitled drawing (1)
‘ohm is where the heart is’ – Vapor Haus, Dayton, Ohio

We are based out of Dayton, Ohio.  Fortunately for us, the Dayton vape scene is huge. We have tons of shops and awesome people putting out some great local products.

How did you get into the vaping game?

As a means to quit smoking. Between working at shops and hanging out talking about vaping, we all just kind of linked up.  We started out just helping each other build coils and hanging out, and that grew into us forming a team and attending more events together.

What sets Status Vape out from the crowd?

With some of us working in shops and some of us just being passionate about vaping, we really have a huge amount of knowledge about vaping and the whole industry. Our team is really unique in the sense that not only do we have team members who are great at clouds and those who are awesome tricksters, we also cover both the men’s and women’s competitions.

Untitled drawing (2)

What hardware are you buzzing about, currently?

We all love mechanical parallel boxes and tend to favour the Manhattan when it comes to tube mods. A couple of us recently got Zephyr Buddahs and were pretty convinced it’s the greatest thing to ever come out.

comp’ standard – Zephyr Buddahs

What future regulations do you envisage there being set upon the vaping industry?

In Ohio right now, we’re facing a big bill addressing the taxing of liquid. This bill sets out to add a $33+ tax to a 30ml bottle of juice. With a lot of us being shop employees and being consumers of vape products in general, this is a huge movement we’re keeping our eyes on. We’re doing our best to advocate for our local and state vape community to keep vaping fair and affordable.

12 months from now, where will you be?

In such a crazy, fast growing industry, that’s a hard one to answer. I guess in twelve months hopefully were 12 times bigger than we are now. We want to focus on attending more out of state events and really getting our names and talent out there!

If Dr B’ was sadly and tragically hit by a bus tomorrow, which of your videos should he watch before the reaper taketh him?

Anthony kills it with the tricks. We have a video where he blows a jellyfish bigger than a car tyre…definitely the one to watch. With that being said, if the reaper passes Dr B’ up, the rest of our channel is dope too.

Vaping top tip?

Sometimes the vape game is hard, but you just have to keep trying. If you want to quit smoking, stick with it. If you want to blow O’s, practice everyday. I guess just not giving up when you get an idea or want to try something new.

Anything we forgot?

Make sure to check us out on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr  

We post videos pretty regularly and love getting feedback. We’re getting into running more contests soon, so make sure to stay tuned. We love to connect with the community and see the cool stuff you’re working on so send us pics and tag us!

Untitled drawing (3)
STATUS VAPE (from left, back row) Nick Neeley, Matt Shambaugh Anthony Weir (founder), Neal Chaney, Kameron Curren Mike Morgan (from left, front row) Clay Wilkins, Frank Rabe, John Martin
…oh yes we almost forgot…that jellyfish

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