Real Vanilla (PG) | UK Made by JAC Vapour

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  • Company: JAC Vapour
  • Flavour: Real Vanilla (PG)
  • Size: 10ml (reviewed)
  • PG/VG blend: 80%/20%
  • Nicotine: 6mg
  • Born: London (UK)
  • Recommended stockist: JAC Vapour
  • Dr B’s personal taste SCORE: 4.3/5
  • OVERALL SCORE: 4.5/5


jac vanilla composite2

Tasting Notes/What they say: A true vanilla flavour that’s creamy and rich on the palate. This e-liquid has a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. It’s JAC Vapour’s premium vanilla e-liquid and is a bestseller, perfect for mixing with other flavours. This is a great premium e-liquid that suits all types of vapers, whether new to e-cigarettes or an experienced user.

It’s a great e-liquid for combining with other flavours, and creates a creamy mix when combined. Whether mixed with Apple, for an apple crumble taste, Real Coffee for a vanilla espresso flavour or with any of our tobacco flavours to take the sharpness off and provide a sweeter mellower after taste, Real Vanilla is a great all round vape.


What Dr B’ says: When citing examples of great things ‘UK made’ the list is long and distinguished. The humble pencil way back in 1564 (didn’t you know), Colossus the world’s first programmable digital computer, and that quintessentially Scottish, culinary errr delight? – Haggis. All UK made and proud of it. The Scottish reference is not unduly an accident either. Hailing from The Land Of The Brave, JAC Vapour check in at The Juice Bar with Real Vanilla and a real delight it is too.

An impressively well realised flavour of sweet vanilla deserves to be applauded. It is such a classic taste, that the potential for failing to fully encapsulate the subtle notes of this firm favourite are high. Zero problem on that front here. The flavour profile is sweet, yes, but subtle enough to both satisfy your taste buds and not become overbearing if vaped on a regular basis.

Like its physical counterpart; the Vanilla Plant, Real Vanilla’s ace up its sleeve lies in its versatility. JAC Vapour are right when they state it’s “perfect for mixing with other flavours”. Many a juice out there could benefit from being jazzed up, care of this little fella and you might just find yourself daydreaming which combinations you might concoct. Dr B’ is sticking to a classic theme and pimping his favourite mint vape currently.

Down to the meat and potatoes then, throat hit is nominal, to be expected at 6mg Nicotine concentration but vapour production is above average for such a high PG blend (80%/20%). These ratio’s result in producing a liquid ‘thin’ in texture. So ensure the particular set up you are using is ready to accommodate this and not prone to any leaking.

All considered, Real Vanilla (PG) by JAC Vapour succeeds in pretty much every department. Is it going to excite you as much as some of the more adventurous juices out there? Perhaps not, but that would do injustice to just how well JAC Vapour have constructed such a time-honoured flavour…UK Made then, proud to be British.

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