Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Vermillion by Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons

vibes 2

do the mash


‘Vermillion’ is the lead single for the forthcoming album from Damian Lazarus & the Ancient Moons. Channelling the magic of those hazy, sunrise parties Vermillion captures the globe-trotting influences of Damian Lazarus’s new album. Transported to glistening new realms, the bubbling deep house rolls beneath the revelatory soul of LA singer-songwriter and guitarist Moses Sumney, is the first of two appearances from the singer on the forthcoming album ‘Message from the Other Side’. Album out May 18th
“There is nothing that compares to DJing under the stars,” Lazarus explains. “In the night air or being responsible for soundtracking the rising of the sun and I wanted to create an album that reflects these beautiful moments.” A career spent DJing across the globe was the catalyst for Lazarus’s latest project – Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons. Co-produced by James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco, the new album brings together an assortment of vocalists, collaborators and players from around the world, all taking inspiration from his Lazpod series, Get Lost events and Day Zero festival in Mexico – Crosstown Rebels
  • Release date: April 27th/LP: May 18th 2015
  • Dr B’s recommended juice: A ‘ver-million’ exotic fruits

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