Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Work Pressure by DC (Dan Curtin)

vibes 2

Untitled drawing (2)

Metamorphic is back with their first new release in eons. After a deep space mission, DC (Dan Curtin) returns with his ‘Work Pressure EP’ to be released exclusively on vinyl 30th March. Dan Curtin is undoubtedly one of the key players in the development of electronic music as we know it today, and now alongside mobilee, his vision, passion, and love of music will continues to drive him in all that he does and all that will come. This quality EP needs little introduction, with four new tracks from a pioneering DJ / Producer whose impressive music career spans more than 20 years. Deep, immersive and engaging techno that always maintains the funk and groove, taking in the breadth of his knowledge, it’s one of those rare EP’s that shape-shifts throughout while maintaining a coherent groove, so take time to absorb this beautiful release in all its glory – Beat Vision
  • Release date: 30th March 2015 on Metamorphic Recordings 
  • Dr B’s recommended juice: A tarty fruity 

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