Meet The Players: “Purveyors of Premium Products” with CLOUDZ VAPOUR (London)

meet the players pitch

Please introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Natasha & I handle Cloudz Vapour’s Social Media streams

cloudz juice lineup

Where in the world are you?

We are an on-line store but our HQ is in Hammersmith, London, UK

How did you get into the vaping game?

The team was put together in early 2014 with a dream to supply UK Vapers with premium e-liquid from the USA. We found quality e-liquid was not freely available in UK and the idea was born!

What sets Cloudz Vapour (London) out from the crowd? 

We have a sister company based in Richmond, Virginia, USA. There are 1800+ e-liquid companies in the USA and the job of this store is to hold tastings every weekend to filter the various brands. From 50 brands, 10 come to the UK and then we test them and take on 2 or 3. We really do take our time to make sure we bring the ‘best of US to the UK’. Our American store has an avid following of customers who are amused at some of the brands sold in UK as ‘Premium US E-liquids’

What hardware are you buzzing about, currently?

I run the Lotus Jellyfish with a 5ml Aspire Atlantis tank. My 5ml Atlantis tank only ever has my two favourite juices Boosted Anti-Lag and Boosted Wastegate. I have another 2ml Atlantis tank which I put everything else in. Right now its Ragna-Rok; Thor. I have a Tugboat mod’ in white and regarding RDAs, I have a Doge and Mutation V3. However, there’s nothing like running my Jellyfish at 50w with the Mutation V3 which has a dual Tri Coil

What future regulations do you envisage there being set upon the vaping industry?

We entirely agree regulations need to be brought in to protect the safety of vapers across the world. Our concern is more so with the ingredients and regulations/accuracy of e-liquid Nicotine strength. It would be good to see an independent agency set up to ensure certified manufacturing of all e-liquid brands sold in UK

12 months from now, where will you be?

We aren’t a company set on market domination and that’s because our priority is and always will be to provide great communication and customer service to our customers, providing them with the best premium juices from the USA. We do the hard work so they know they are vaping the best

If Dr B’ was sadly and tragically hit by a bus tomorrow, which of your juices should he try before the reaper taketh him?

boosted wastegate
‘Mouth Waterer’ – Wastegate by Boosted EJuice is a Raspberry and Vanilla Ice Cream fusion

Wastegate by Boosted

Vaping top tip?

As our mods get more powerful and our tanks more advanced, always be courteous of vaping heavy cloudz in public areas. We want vapers to always have a good name and it remain a legal activity to vape in public places

Anything we forgot?

Keep your wicks fresh and your batteries, juices, and cloudz flowing

Cloudz Grid (proof)
Exquisite selections – Cloudz Vapour (London)
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