Is vaping the subculture of 2015?

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The world is vaping like never before. Waking up to the dangers of regular smoking and responding with a health-conscious product, electronic cigarettes have evolved hugely in the last 10 years to become advanced and sophisticated, offering products in-line with growing user demand. Recent findings show that users of e-cigarettes – estimated to be around 2.1m in the UK – mostly identify as smokers (70%) who wean themselves off cigarettes with the use of the vapour-emitting device, while 1% is accounted for by those who have never smoked.  Only 1.8% of children are regular users, the study showed, undermining some publicised misconceptions that the product is encouraging use in young people thanks to ‘child-friendly’ fruit flavours. Read full article


Anonymous. (01 April 2015) Is vaping the subculture of 2015? [newspaper]. Retrieved from


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