Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Benjamin Brunn LIVE at Night Moves | London 21 March 2015

vibes 2

do the mash


With Benjamin Brunn we are having another extraordinary Workshop Records artist within the family. Since mid 1990’s Benjamin Brunn produces that kind of music, which absolutely found a home within Lowtec’s USM Label, with Ware Records and later with Workshop. On those labels his first vinyl records appeared in 2000. In the same year he moved to England where he collaborated with Dave Wheels, formerly of Higher Intelligence Agency. Benjamin was one of the stalwart artists on Binemusic and in 2008 his collaborations with Move D found a home at Smallville. The majority of Benjamin’s music is based on the sound of the Nord Modular, a virtual- modular synthesizer that has accompanied him since 1999. He plays the Nord Modular live together with a drum machine without laptop. Benjamin lives in Hamburg, Germany and he loves to play live! – Option Music
“deep/minimal by machines with soul, tech’ hypnotic 4 sure” – Dr B’
  • Dr B’s recommended juice: a simple citrus something

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