Vibes 2 Vape 2: Dr B’ Vaping office playlist #003

vibes 2

do the mash


Welcome global vaping aficionados to the third instalment of what is fast becoming the most essential errr ‘vaping office playlist’ series out there. Granted, we admit it’s not exactly a over-saturated market but we like to think that if it was, we would be right up there, mixing it with the best of ’em. Bringing you the freshest vibes from the freshest #vapelife site going…
…We pick up the baton from the previous outing and hit the ground running like a cheetah with the squits . Killer cuts all the way baby! But extra special shouts go to the quite exquisite and criminally forgotten disco strut of Sandy Barber – if you don’t feel this one down deep in ya bones, check your pulse! Agoria working the pads into a melody all of his own, and the fiercest ‘hand claps’ this side of London town; Deadboy
…enjoy, keep on chugging

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