Meet The Players: “Unique Flavour Combinator” with VAPE GODDESS

meet the players pitch

Please introduce yourself

Hi! I’m Meg Strouse, Creator of Vape Goddess, a gourmet e-liquid brand

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Where in the world are you?

We are currently located in sunny Costa Mesa, California. I definitely have the Carmen San Diego theme song in my head now; Rockapella was a really talented group of dudes.

How did you get into the vaping game?

I was introduced to vaping about 4 years ago by a coworker. I was doing Marketing and Music journalism for a local publication at that time and she brought a pack of Blu e-cigs into the office. I bought one for my mom and myself. Turns out, those disposables are a real drag (no pun intended) and I returned to smoking cigarettes until I met my business partner a few months later; Kevin Drake, an avid vaper and YouTube reviewer. There were only about two vape stores in all of Southern California at the time, and the flavour selection was majorly lacking in our opinion.

We were walking my dog one night when another vaper started some friendly conversation with us. He introduced us to our neighbour, Ben whom had been making and selling his own flavours at one of the local shops. We learned how to create our own unique flavours that we would enjoy vaping all day. Friends liked our creations and asked to buy them. We started Drake’s Vapes and a few months later, I decided to create Vape Goddess in flavours and aesthetics that were more appealing to me and other like-minded people in the vaping world.

goddess drakesI’m an extremely creative person, and I created Vape Goddess to reflect this aspect of myself into the world. I was also disappointed in the portrayal of females in the vaping industry; be it overly sexualized/objectified or just not represented at all. Vape Goddess was my happy medium as a lady vaper and a way to empower others in the industry.

What sets Vape Goddess out from the crowd? 

Vape Goddess stands out from the rest of the bunch because I utilized my love of the culinary arts and experience of working directly with talented chefs throughout Southern California as inspiration to create truly unique flavour combinations. I like to challenge myself and my partners to take the industry to the next level. I don’t necessarily see other brands as competition, but as motivation to do something different. I like the idea of genuine camaraderie and working together in this industry as a whole to better each other and create the best possible vaping environment for our customers.

Instead of crushing each other, we should lift each other up to the next level. My main goal is to offer my customers a wonderful alternative to a lifestyle that they wish to leave; smoking cigarettes. I’ve personally seen the destruction that cigarettes can cause, and if I can change one person’s life for the better, then all of my hard work and sleepless nights are totally worth it.

What hardware are you buzzing about, currently?

There are so many great pieces of hardware out there right now, but I’m currently stoked on the Derringer Atty and French mechanical mods such as The Glyph by Samato Mods and Le Petit Gros by Vaponaute. I prefer smaller discreet mods (as I have small hands and have you seen the size of pockets in women’s clothing?!) and this combination allows me a simple and easy vaping experience. I’m not very high maintenance mod-wise. Plus, I met a lot of great modders and friends while visiting VapExpo in Paris. They have some great things coming out of Europe soon.goddess samato

What future regulations do you envisage there being set upon the vaping industry?

I am not against regulations, because I feel vapers deserve to have a safe experience, but at the same time, I feel that over regulation is very possible and detrimental to our industry. I feel that as an industry as a whole, we have done a great job at self-regulation. We know better than to sell to minors, and do our best to keep our customers educated about vape and battery safety. I am hopeful that everyone can meet in the middle eventually. I realize it is going to be one heck of an uphill battle, and unless we can all work together as a vape community, there will unfortunately be dire consequences. There are a lot of big corporations coming after our industry, and money is power; but knowledge is just as powerful.

12 months from now, where will you be?

A year from now, I would love to see Vape Goddess continue to grow and expand. We are currently an international brand, and I love meeting vapers from different cultures and backgrounds. The industry is so diverse. If I can extend a helping hand to more people all over the world, I will be an extremely happy woman.

goddess triplet

If Dr B’ was sadly and tragically hit by a bus tomorrow, which of your juices should he try before the reaper taketh him?

I sure would hope Dr. B doesn’t get hit by a bus tomorrow, but just in case, I would recommend Guilty Pleasure. It’s a delicate oven baked cookies & milk flavor that reminds me of my Grandma (my favorite person in the world). So for me, Guilty Pleasure leaves me with some great memories and those wonderful little warm fuzzies. And if he’s really feeling feisty, I’d slip him a bottle of UltraViolet 


Vaping top tip?

If I could give one very important piece of advice about vaping, it would be about battery safety. We have got to be very careful in the way that we handle our batteries. Make sure you carry them correctly in protective cases because the wrong contact with a random metal object in your pocket/purse, or a mod that is left unlocked and firing in your pocket/purse is definitely a tragic accident that can be avoided with proper knowledge of battery/mod safety. Keep yourselves informed and safe

Anything we forgot?

Never look back and never give up ❤

goddess proof

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