Midnight Decadence by Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar

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  • Company: Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar
  • Flavour: Midnight Decadence
  • Size: 5ml sample (reviewed) 15ml (standard size)
  • PG/VG blend: 100% VG!
  • Nicotine: 6mg
  • Born: Miami (Florida, USA)
  • Recommended stockist: Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar
  • Dr B’s personal taste SCORE: 4.8/5
  • OVERALL SCORE: 4.7/5


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Tasting Notes/What they say: Luscious layers of dark velvety chocolate with aromatic mint to balance. Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Extracts, ***Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol ***Used in some of the flavor extracts, where alcohol is used as the base to extract the essence of the flavor. All over our flavors are pre-steeped and may or may not require further steeping based on one’s preference.

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What Dr B’ says: Please humour me for a moment. Do you remember back when you were just a mere young scamp, wet behind the ears, naive to the rich tapestry that we call vapelife. At school there was always one kid that knew everything, was good at everything, had loads of friends, had a Game Boy with Mario on it, when all you possessed was a conker. They even looked cool in double denim and they knew about the things that mattered, I could go on. All you really wanted to do, if you were honest with yourself and not very kind, was find a chink in their armour, some kind of flaw somewhere, discover something they didn’t excel at. But you couldn’t find anything because this ‘clever kid’ was also very likeable and a bloody good laugh as well…that’s KIND JUICE! in a nutshell.

They stand ethically for everything that matters. In fact lets list them verbatim…NO Propylene Glycol, NO GMO’s, NO Artificial Flavours, NO Dyes, NO Synthetic Sweeteners, NO Fluoridekind indeed. Now you might think to yourself, that’s certainly sounds impressive, but come on let’s get rolling on this review shall we? You might even think to yourself it all ‘smacks’ a little of pretentiousness. Down that road lies ‘fools gold’ I’m afraid. It is precisely this attention to detail in production, noble ethical stance, and errr slight pretentiousness that lifts Kind Juice to a higher level than all bar a few artisan juice makers

Midnight Decadence is stunning! One of the purest, most flavoursome vapes you could hope to find. Rich coco with the perfect balance of bitterness. Aromatic crispness from the mint, and a texture from the vapour as smooth as Lionel Richie bathing in buttermilk. Watch all that kindness cloud the room with that 100% VG baby! Rarely has a vaper had it so good. You could go as far as to say Midnight Decadence by Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar is an orgasmic, organic experience …or is that a little pretentious?

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