Vapemail for Dr B’ – THE ALCHEMIST’S CUPBOARD | DIY Mixing Starter Kit | Flavour Drops & Flavourings | E-Liquids (Ready Made)

vapemail alchemist

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Fellow vape fam’, things are hottting up here at DR B’ VAPING HQ very nicely. Our luv is forever global, but right here, right now, we are keeping it UK all the way baby! The Alchemist’s Cupboard have not only given ‘Postman Pete’ a hernia dropping this lot off to Dr B’ but they have sent a message loud and clear for the wider community to hear; “The UK DIY scene is very healthy indeed, thank you”…

Full reviews forthcoming, Dr B’ turns mixologist as we rustle up some recipes of our very own, give you our opinion on the full mixing kit, Flavour Drops, Flavourings and put The Alchemist’s Cupboard range of Ready Made E-liquids to the test…BUSY times, let’s have a rummage shall we?…
…in the bag:
DIY MIXING STARTER KIT – Silver Collection
CAPELLA FLAVOUR DROPS – Banana Split, Blue Cotton Candy, Cranberry, Sweet Strawberry, Sweet Guava
THE ALCHEMIST’S CUPBOARD FLAVOURINGS – Natural Essence of Vanilla, Mango, and Ethyl Maltol
READY MADE E-LIQUIDS – Coconut Caramel with Hazelnut Honey, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie, Lime Cheesecake, Vape The Rainbow, and The Alchemist’s Custard
AC kit
Mixing magic? The Alchemist’s Cupboard DIY Mixing Starter Kit (Silver)
AC flav & con'
‘Vape The Rainbow’…The Alchemist’s Cupboard range of E-Liquids (Ready Made), Flavour Drops, and Flavourings headed Dr B’s way.

alchemist's proud UK


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