Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Alfonso Muskedunder by Todd Terje (Deetron remix) | Plus BRAND NEW animation for original version

vibes 2




Mustachioed maverick Todd Terje fires up the Olsen press to deliver a party starting four track remix EP graced by an expert selection of dance floor luminaries. Christened after a nickname for Terje’s newborn son Alf, “Alfonso Muskedunder” began its musical life on “It’s Album Time” tucked discretely between the heart wrenching “Johnny And Mary” and the motorik majesty of “Swing Star”. Almost functioning as an incidental theme within Terje’s louche mondo movie, “Alfonso Muskedunder” brings together the Norwegian’s love of exotica and latin flavours while resolutely refusing anything po-faced in favour of a madcap blend of Bobby McFerrin’s “Dance With Me” scatting and The Swingles.
Now for this 12″, Terje turns his creation over to the likes of Deetron, Bullion and Mungolian Jetset to see where they can take it. Deetron strips the track back, pushing that jazzy bass / keyboard line to the fore and supplying a little extra dance floor bump. As the track swells throughout its seven minutes, the producer incorporates the playful rhythms, wild vocals and luscious orchestration of the original without ever letting them take hold completely – Piccadilly Records


  • Release date: Out now on Olsen
  • Dr B’s recommended juice: DIY (custard remix)
Original single version OFFICIAL animated video

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