Breaking Vaping News: DIY Week at Dr B’ Vaping | DR B’ turns MIXologist | Juice/Flavouring Reviews | Feature Articles | + much more | NEXT WEEK


Exciting times here at Dr B’ Vaping HQ. NEXT WEEK – alongside all of the usual vaping content we are fast becoming renowned for. Dr B’ brings you ‘all things #DIY’. So much coming your way you lucky vapers. Including Flavouring reviews from the gurus at Mama J’s Speciality Flavor Shop, vids, feature articles, and writers. To the very best tips and tricks. advice, and opinions to help you on your way or hone those existing DIY mixing skills.
We are almost ‘fit to burst’ having to wait, so as a treat before the main event, later in the week Dr B’ will be leading the way with the first of a number of juice reviews from UK DIY Specialists The Alchemist’s Cupboard. As we say from day to day…keep it locked here at DR B’ VAPING…all things #vapelife


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