Toffee (VG) | UK Made by JAC Vapour

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  • Company: JAC Vapour
  • Flavour: Toffee (VG)
  • Size: 10ml (reviewed)
  • PG/VG blend: 30%/70%
  • Nicotine: 12mg
  • Born: London (UK)
  • Recommended stockist: JAC Vapour
  • Dr B’s personal taste SCORE: 4.3/5
  • OVERALL SCORE: 4.1/5

JAC toffee

Tasting Notes/What they say: A buttery sweet toffee flavour with a hint of maple syrup. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth and great mixed with other flavours, especially the tobacco flavoured e-liquids. This is quite a sweet flavour, so unless you have a sweet tooth, we certainly don’t recommend this e-liquid. However if you want to add a little sweetness to a tart, harsher or more bitter e-liquid then this will certainly do the trick.

What Dr B’ says: Toffee! One word (extended) yuuuuuuuummmmy. Sweet, rich, and sticky, who hasn’t got time for that! Usually speaking though, you find this caramelised fella popping up as an accompaniment to other flavours, a versatile little chap at the best of times. JAC Vapour return to Dr B’s Juice Bar with just such a proposition though. The 100% UK Made ‘Toffee’ is just that Toffee! Well not quite to be exact, we will get to that part in a moment. Please don’t misunderstand though, this is by no means a criticism, quite to the contrary. We have seen on a number of occasions here at the Juice Bar, simplicity can be ‘everything’…errr that might be a misnomer right there.

One toot on Toffee and your mouth is enveloped in the smooth but very rich sweetness of the butter and sugars. Props’ must go to JAC Vapour once again for their candid approach to their tasting notes. This WILL be too sweet for some people’s tastes. Not for Dr B’ though, he is a sweet toothed fiend and very much took pleasure in the candy clouds.

Toffee is a solo performer but it does have fabulous back up support from the Maple Syrup. Adding more sweetness into the equation is kind of like fighting fire with fire but it works. The flavour profile becomes more balanced with this ‘double header’ sugar hit. Throat tickle is finely proportional considering the 30/70 VG heavy blend. Clouds spill out into the street (errr if your outside and errr near a street) like rowdy UK beer swiggers on a Friday Night at 1 am. Toffee by Jac Vapour isn’t quite a Tour de Force but it certainly isn’t a slouch in any department either…”life is like a box of chocolates” and you would certainly wear a frown on your face if Toffee wasn’t in there.

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