Looking for ways to play the rapidly growing e-cig and vaporizer markets?

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For the life of me I don’t understand it, but people love to smoke. I suppose I can understand people who started decades ago, because back then the evidence wasn’t so blindingly clear that there is a very good chance that smoking will cause a premature death. I guess a big part of the problem today is that people get addicted as young adults before they realize that they are not immortal. By the time they appreciate the fact that they can’t take for granted the fact that they will live to 90 they are already addicted.

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For those people who are addicted to smoking I’m sure going out socially these days is extremely inconvenient for them. Thankfully for the rest of us smoking is banned in most indoor public places in North America. For those smokers who feel like chewing their hands off when they are out socially because they aren’t allowed to smoke there is now an alternative in the form of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Since this has the potential to be a high growth market I decided to start trying to find investable opportunities to ride that growth wave. Read full article

Devon Shire (13 April 2015) Looking for ways to play the rapidly growing e-cig and vaporizer markets? [business editorial]. Retrieved from http://tinyurl.com/lwqqevo


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