Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Tonii by Love Over Entropy (Dixon Retouch)

vibes 2


Nuno dos Santos’ boutique label SoHaSo (shorthand for Something Happening Somewhere; although, sadly the same can no longer be said of Trouw) has been cruising steadily for the best part of two years now, but “Tonii” might just be the best thing committed to wax yet. Love Over Entropy’s 12m original is sturdy with bright flourishes throughout, forever climbing and searching without resolve; techy without, y’know, being techy. This retouch comes from none other than Innervisions’ main man, although less overtly lovelorn than we’ve come to expect. He twists the lead melody into something resembling a steel pan drum, backed by laser-guided synths pinging all around: a festival-sized breakdown held just at the precipice, never fully cresting. Dixon, you big tease – Boiler Room


  • Release date: Out now Boiler Room Debuts 
  • Dr B’s recommended juice: Apricot Jaaam

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