Meet The Players: “Clear Steam Ahead” with JAC VAPOUR

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Please introduce yourself

Andrew Logan and I am the founder and managing director of JAC Vapour Ltd

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Where in the world are you?

We are an Edinburgh based, UK company that ship all over the world, we predominantly work in the UK, but have just launched a German arm as well.

How did you get into the vaping game?

I was on my honeymoon in the USA and saw what I thought was somebody smoking in a bar. Smoking laws can be pretty confusing in the states as they vary from State to State, so I thought in this particular State it was fine to smoke indoors. I lit my cigarette and was promptly thrown out of the bar. I later discovered the guy ‘smoking’ was using an electric cigarette, he gave me a go, and I thought it was great. When I got back to the UK I pretty much ordered every kit available and began vaping from there. That was early 2009 and the technology was pretty basic and varied wildly in quality. It took me a lot of effort and cash to find a device that was reliable, so when I did, I decided to start JAC Vapour to make it easier for other people to do the same.

What sets JAC Vapour out from the crowd? 

slide-clear-steam-e-liquidWe focus heavily on customer service, quality and safety. We run a full Research & Development department and produce a lot of unique products, like Clear Steam and Series-­E. We like to make advanced features relatively simple for our users, so they can benefit from the technology without having to know how it works. We are one of the only recognisable brands that actually cater to nearly every level of vaper, we can provide high quality options for a beginner right through to an experienced user. Our customers tend to stick with us, and many of our customers have been with us as along as the company has been around. I still read every review that comes out for our products, it is part of my morning ritual, we are one of the most heavily reviewed e-cigarette companies around, we are also one of the best reviewed companies around, and this is because we listen to our customers and encourage reviews of our products, as we believe they stand up well under scrutiny, we don’t cut corners with our products and this translates to a better more reliable product for the user.

What hardware are you buzzing about, currently?

maxresdefaultOur biggest selling e-cigarette currently is the Series-­E, and it’s what I use on a ‘day to day’ basis, as it’s compact with lots of features, it’s just very easy to work with and get great results with. My full setup is the Series-E with the KangerTech Aerotank V2 and the JOC coils. We’ve also just recently launched an advanced user section, that will cater to the more speciality products, mech mods, pipe mods, box mods etc. We made the decision to stock these products so that customers have access to all the technology available, even though it will not be relevant to most users. I think in the future we’ll see the mini box mod form factor as a pretty common device style amongst users, it can be a bit too much for some users at present though, but in a year’s time they’ll be a pretty common sight. The e-cigarette is basically going through an accelerated phone design cycle, first everybody wanted small, now they are turning to more practical sizes that provide more power and capacity but are still discreet, the Series-E was a direct design result of that, and now you see a lot of larger devices being used on the street as people become more in tune with the idea that vaping is not about mimicking smoking so why bother trying to look like you are.

Untitled drawing

What future regulations do you envisage there being set upon the vaping industry?

There are already many regulations products are required to adhere to: CE, ROHS, CHiP. It annoys me intensely when I hear people say the product is unregulated, if it’s unregulated it’s because the authorities aren’t enforcing existing regulations. In the future though we are likely to see the The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) come into play in some form or another. Currently it’s been passed and is due for implication in 2016, however there are still legal challenges being made, and also many practical aspects to address. The TPD is still very vague on how it proposes to do things, for instance it proposes to design a new leak free e-liquid chamber, yet it has not shown any evidence of this breakthrough piece of technology. As it stands, the TPD will change vaping as we currently know it, most tanks will become illegal, anything above 18mg will not be legal, no bottle bigger than 10ml, there will be many, many changes you could devote a whole site to it alone. Very little of it benefits the end-user, and most of it is aimed at the government controlling their tax deficit from people moving away from smoking. Hopefully we’ll see some common sense implicated prior to the introduction of it, I am all for legislation that makes the product safer and better for the end-user, but see very little of this in the TPD at present.


12 months from now, where will you be?

We have just launched a new German site, and we plan on launching another 5 foreign language sites (all with dedicated customer service) by the end of the current year. We’ve also just opened our first offline store in Leeds, and this will be followed by another 5 by the end of the year. We also have several new designs in the pipeline, we are just finishing the prototype of the first and should be making an announcement in a month or 2 about it. On top of all that we plan to continue doing what we do best, providing high quality, reliable e-cigarettes at reasonable prices with excellent customer service.

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If Dr B’ was sadly and tragically hit by a bus tomorrow, which of your juices should he try before the reaper taketh him?

Real Raspberry, it tastes so like a raspberry you can almost taste the pips. I’m not a fan of the actual berry, but for some reason it makes for a really refreshing vape and just works. So Real Raspberry and a clean pair of underwear just in case you are hit by a bus, the underwear bit is actually advice from my mother, but sensible I think.

Vaping top tip?

Long slow drags, most people need to adjust their smoking action to get the best from an e-cig, quick drags don’t work in most cases. Also try to keep to set times, when you first move to vaping, the temptation can be to do it all the time… you’ll end up with a headache if you do that, so take it easy, set times and stick to them until you are comfortable with the device and the level of e-liquid you like. Also be respectful of other people, just because it’s legal, it doesn’t mean it is socially acceptable to blow billowing clouds of vapour into other people’s space, you need to use common sense and manners when using an e-cig.

Anything we forgot?

When you start vaping you’ll also find you start to gather devices, you save so much money not smoking, you start to think, “I’ll just buy that as a treat for myself to try”. After a while your house will start to look like a bric-a-brac store with items all over the place.. batteries, charges, e-liquid. My advice is, get organised, store batteries and e-liquid in a safe place, particularly if you have pets or children, you’ll be charging a lot of batteries, and it’s sensible to make sure you understand how to do this safely, so make sure you have a safe place away from curious paws and hands (and irreplaceable family heirlooms) that you can keep and charge your e-cigarette(s).

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