Adam’s Apple Cookies | DIY FLAVOURING | Mama J’s Juice Specialty Flavor Shop


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  • Company: Mama J’s Juice Specialty Flavor Shop
  • Flavour: Adam’s Apple Cookies (concentrated Flavouring)
  • Born: Colorado Springs (Colorado, USA)
  • Recommended stockist: Mama J’s Juice Specialty Flavor Shop

mama apple's

The recipe

  • 4% Adam’s Apple Cookies (recommended |
  • 50%/50% (equal consideration to flavour profile and vapour production)
  • Size: 10ml
  • PG/VG blend: 50%/50%
  • Flavouring amount: 4% (see above)
  • Nicotine strength: 72mg
  • Nicotine strength (desired): 12mg
  • PG/VG content of suspended Nicotine: 100% VG
  • Water/Vodka/PGA: None added


  • Dr B’s personal taste SCORE: 4.6/5
  • OVERALL SCORE: 4.5/5

Tasting Notes/What they say: Fruity apple filled cookies that will keep you coming back for more. Luckily for you, these delicious cookies won’t add any pounds. Recommended usage 4%

What Dr B’ says: Mama J’ ey? If Dr B’ didn’t know better he would have sworn that was a particularly apt moniker for a 60’s Motown soul band. He can just picture it now…“welcome onto the stage Adam Apple and The Mama J’s”…but alas, Dr B’ does indeed know better, as he and we are quite familiar with the Mama J’s. We will remain stubbornly cryptic in the here and now, suffice to say you can discover the full story of William and Jessica and the journey of Mama J’s Juice in another dusty corner of this here vapelife site.

Adam’s Apple Cookies (AAC) marks our first foray into the world of DIY flavourings for purposes of review. Lets get down to the short and curlies from the start and what a start this is. AAC is, in the want of a more suitable phrase, as BANGING as the legendary extra marital conquests of Tiger Woods. From the inhale your palette is met with the crisp and sweet hit of the apple, which in turn combines with the baked base of the cookies. Often this baked element of a flavour profile has the frankly unwanted effect of becoming too dominant, too rich for prolonged vaping sessions. Not here, the balance is remarkably errr balanced! The result? A succulent, clean and refreshing vape, most definitely ‘everyday’ material.

mama adam2

We here at B’ Vaping like a jolly bit of banter, a #vapelife knees up with the best of em’. But, Dr B’ is adamant in his instructions for us to break free of tradition momentarily and tread a new path into serious social comment to communicate the following crucial point. A vendor that specialises in flavourings and the wider DIY vaping community as a whole, MUST be more than just ‘the sum of their parts’. For them to stand out from the pack and be held in high regard in an already saturated marketplace. Mama J’s Juice know this and they join a small exclusive group of companies whose reputation precedes them. Whether this be (what we continue to hear echoed in the industry) stellar customer service to artisan flavour production, pitched near perfectly in their percentage concentration.

Yes there are a few rough edges that come with the birth of a young company but it gives them a charm that some of the more established ‘players’ would kill to bottle. This is the difference, our justification, the added pinch of salt, that sees Adam’s Apple Cookies and Mama J’s Juice Specialty Flavour Shop enter the Certified Masterpiece Gallery here at Dr B’ Vaping. All this at their very first visit to Dr B’s Juice Bar…GO MAMA!

“IMPORTANT NOTICE: Normal service will resume here at B’ Vaping HQ shortly. This will probably involve Dr B’ running around the office with his spuds out! Thank you kindly”

Mama J’s Flavor Shop: Facebook | Twitter 
Dr B’ s Juice Bar opinions are 100% those of Dr B’ Vaping | no bias is shown towards any E-Juice supplier/stockist

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