Editorial: A journey into the art of DIY E-liquid by Wllmc



A journey into the art of DIY E-liquid

Guest writer: Wllmc

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Making your own E-liquid for the first time can seem like an impossible feat. It’s as though it’s made on a planet far, far away by mysterious beings in a lab so high-tech that Earthlings couldn’t possibly fathom it. However, even the greatest juice makers started just like you, standing at a table, intimidated by the list of supplies and rows of flavours. You could throw caution to the wind, but you’re on a mission to make that special juice you love, or maybe you haven’t been satisfied with any juice you’ve purchased, and you don’t want to settle for second best. Anyone can make great juice in a fairly short time period without magic numbers or a fancy lab.

First and foremost, have fun! This is crucial to remember because your first mixes might not be as amazing as you’re hoping. I don’t like spreading bad news, but your first mix will most likely not be your best vape ever and neither will the second or third. Forget trying to clone your favourite juice for a bit, and instead, learn your flavours. The absolute best advice I can give is to try every flavour alone at a low percent and work up until you have reached the percent that is best for your palette. There is nothing that can stop the urge to make exotic blends, but trying each flavour allows you to know what goes well together. A great way to really know how to adjust a multiple-flavour recipe is to try them all individually so you know exactly which one needs adjusting.

One phrase that gets tossed around a lot while researching DIY E-liquid is “taste is subjective.” The phrase lends itself to the mystery and intimidation of DIY juice, and personally, I wish it weren’t used. Many who visit forums looking for answers leave more confused than when they began. Taste is subjective, but a banana flavour will never taste like a potato. I might love bananas, but that does not change the fact that a banana will always taste like a banana. What is subjective is whether I think it’s good or not. There are hundreds of flavourings and many brands to choose from, and the last thing you want to hear is that you have to try them all because taste is subjective.

A search on apple flavouring will bring up dozens of choices, and each one is different. Take time to research before deciding so you have an idea of what you are buying. If you’re looking for a real apple flavour, reviews will include if it’s more of an apple candy or a red delicious. A candy flavoured banana will never taste like the same banana used in bread. Reading reviews is a great way to decide if a flavour is one you’d like to use. Trial and error is necessary for mastering your vape, but don’t disregard research. Whether someone enjoys it or not is another matter.

The next tip is to go ahead and cheat! Now that you have been trying your flavour stash one at a time and doing all the boring things, wondering when the fun will begin, cheat and find a recipe. There are really great recipes out there, and they are easy to find (google search: coffee E-liquid recipe). Save a few of the ones that sound appealing to you. After you mix the recipe, think back to your flavour stash, the ones you’ve tried, and imagine what it might taste like it if you added a little of this or reduced a little of that. Keep in mind that the recipe you are using fits the tastes of the person who created the recipe. What they think is best might not be the same for you. My ideal Strawberry Banana Smoothie might include more banana than yours. Use recipes as suggestions. There are no guidelines or rules you need to abide by.

The last piece of advice I can offer is to join a forum and ask questions. Most forums have a DIY area, and it’s surprising how many people make their own liquids. Everyone was a beginner at one point, and the majority of members are thrilled to help. Regardless of the flavour supplier or where in the world you live, a forum’s members will help you on your quest to perfect a juice. I was given the honour of writing this segment for Dr B, and I wanted to include honest advice. You may not knock the socks off your buddies on your first mix, but like everything else, it’s a process. Before beginning, take the pressure off yourself. Sadly, there are no magic numbers that will result in a top shelf liquid. Flavours don’t last forever, so mix, mix, mix and vape, vape, vape. Before long, you’ll be able to imagine how flavours will taste together without even mixing them, and when this happens, you too will be a certified master of mixing.

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2 thoughts on “Editorial: A journey into the art of DIY E-liquid by Wllmc

  1. Very nice article. I wish I’d been able to find something like this when I first attempted making my own.

    I was very impatient, just started tossing flavors together, and made some very bad juice! Having already been a member of a forum, I did, eventually, run across some people that knew what they were doing. Once I took their suggestions, like the ones in this article, I started making things I actually liked.

    Nicely done! Thanks Dr. B. and thank you wllmc.


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