Raspberry (VG) | UK Made by JAC Vapour

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  • Company: JAC Vapour
  • Flavour:  Raspberry (VG)
  • Size: 10ml (reviewed)
  • PG/VG blend: 30%/70%
  • Nicotine: 12mg
  • Born: London (UK)
  • Recommended stockist: JAC Vapour
  • Dr B’s personal taste SCORE: 4.1/5
  • OVERALL SCORE: 4.2/5

jac raspberry

Tasting Notes/What they say: Realistic, tart and refreshing. Fruity, without being overly sweet and a zesty fragrant aftertaste. One of our bestselling premium go to flavours. This flavour is loved by customers and the JAC Crew alike, for its fresh realistic raspberry taste. Definitely recommended for all vapers, especially those stalwart tobacco vapers who don’t necessarily enjoy fruity flavours.

What Dr B’ says: We have seen from past outings to Dr B’s Juice Bar, when JAC Vapour say some something in their tasting notes, you are in safe hands, they bring forth the gospel of St Juice. They are one of the more honest and accurate of vendors operating when it comes to informative liquid literature. Admirable, when you consider the level of hyperbole or is that bullsh…CENSORED!..that can pass for juice description nowadays.

Raspberry (VG) is most certainly well realised, a mucho, meticulously faithful vapour of the Rubus berry genus a.k.a errr raspberry to you and me. Dr B’ takes no umbrage with the aforementioned tartness and refreshing fruit succulence. He would go as far as to state the flavour profile here is quite divine. High praise indeed. However, Dr B’ would take slight issue with JAC Vapour’s retort upon the sweetness of Raspberry (VG). Whilst not ‘overly’ sweet as they quite correctly assert, this is about as close to, as you would like to get. Dr B’ is notoriously known as a sweet toothed fiend but even he was left slightly startled by this ‘sucrose’ surprise.

From the first toot through to the last exhale what impresses here is the roundness of that ripe raspberry…a beautiful aromatic texture to the vapour achieves both subtlety of flavour and satisfying ‘throat tickle’ in equal measure. Double impressive considering the VG heavy blend on display here. On that same note, it’s a BIG, lovely, fluffy, cloud attack from that 30/70 VG dominance. A sterling effort then, an everyday vape and the trump card of Raspberry (VG) by JAC Vapour?…You don’t have to pick your gums to get the ‘pips’ out.

jac raspberry 2

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