Great for e-cigarette investors, terrible for parents…

in the press


If children are the future, e-cigarettes could be the next great frontier for tobacco investors. At the same time, recent data could force health officials to rewrite a playbook that has helped lower smoking rates for 50 years. That is because e-cigarette usage rates tripled among American middle and high school students from 2013 to 2014, according to The New York Times, and the product is now more popular with the demographic than traditional cigarettes.
Thirteen percent of high school students nationwide use the vaporized cigarette substitute, according to recently released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The surge marked the first time in years that tobacco product usage had potentially increased among teens. Some teenagers say they are vaping, the term for using e-cigarettes, as a way to quit smoking, while others had never taken a puff before and are simply jumping on a trend seen as cool and edgy. Read full article


Jeremy Bowman (21 April 2015) News is great for e-cigarette investors and terrible for parent [editorial]. Retrieved from


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