Pimp my vape: the rise of e-cigarette hackers


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original article published January 2014

It’s foggy outside the Henley Vaporium in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. Gray clouds, swirling like ghosts, cling tightly to the sidewalk and century-old brick buildings. The haziness from the street matches the air inside the shop. It’s a different type of cloudy, though lighter, with a sweet aroma. Water vapor from e-cigarettes. “You can barely see two feet in front of you when these guys are in here,” laughs Peter Denholtz, the shop’s co-owner. He points to a handful of twenty-somethings near the back. The men and women, most of whom don button-up shirts and flat-brim hats, chat anxiously around a glass counter covered with screwdrivers, wires and small metal tubes. Read full article

Screenshot 2015-04-23 at 08.45

Eric Larson (25 January 2014) Pimp my vape: the rise of e-cigarette hackers [magazine]. Retrieved from http://mashable.com/2014/01/25/vaping-subculture/


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