British e-cigarette companies invest to beat regulation

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‘From 2016, all companies selling e-cigarettes must be able to detail exactly what is in their e-liquid.’ Looking to the media, it would seem as though the British e-cigarette industry is heading towards a storm. While there’s plenty of conversation around the health issues associated with vaping, one of the more immediate concerns for e-cig companies is regulation. According to the European Commission, one of the main problems with e-cigarettes is the ambiguous content of e-liquid. Most e-liquids are imported from China, and this has been the case in Britain ever since vaping devices first rose to popularity in 2010. The EU directive that will demand traceability for all e-liquids is forecast for 2016. But there are some e-cigarette companies who have already anticipated the directive and changed their ways accordingly. Read full article

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Sponsored (25 April 2015) British e-cigarette companies invest to beat regulation [editorial]. Retrieved from


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