Cherry Limeade by Mama J’s Juice Specialty Flavor Shop (DIY FLAVOURING)

100% proof DR B JUICE

  • Company: Mama J’s Juice Specialty Flavor Shop
  • Flavour: Cherry Limeade (concentrated Flavouring)
  • Born: Colorado Springs (Colorado, USA)
  • Recommended stockist: Mama J’s Juice Specialty Flavor Shop

Mama Cherry 1

The recipe

  • 6% Cherry Limeade (recommended |
  • 50%/50% (equal consideration to flavour profile and vapour production)
  • Size: 10ml
  • PG/VG blend: 50%/50%
  • Flavouring amount: 6% (see above)
  • Nicotine strength: 72mg
  • Nicotine strength (desired): 10mg
  • PG/VG content of suspended Nicotine: 100% VG
  • Water/Vodka/PGA: None added
  • Dr B’s personal taste SCORE: 4.2/5
  • OVERALL SCORE: 4.3/5

Tasting Notes/What they say: Cherry Limeade is the perfect combination of tangy and sweet.  Awaken your taste buds with this crisp and refreshing flavour.

What Dr B’ says: A ‘clean vape’ is harder to find than you might at first give credence to. Far too many times Dr B’ has settled for a juice whereby at the time of vaping, he might consider said juice as clean, fresh and (INSERT CHOSEN ADJECTIVE HERE). But it’s not until he stumbles upon a truly well constructed juice that he may surmise he was actually making do with a rather average vape. Sure, when talking concentrated flavourings and the whole DIY thang, to achieve successfully this aforementioned clean vape , it is a balanced and considered fusion of all the components. From the quality of the ingredients through to the mixing levels and even hygiene standards. That being said, if the flavour is off the mark, it’s probably the first thing that will have you chewing your gums in dissatisfaction.

Maybe leave the hard work to Mama J’s Juice’ with Cherry Limeade then. Dr B’ has informed us if you look up the Colorado mix-masters in the dictionary, it says “specialists in clean vapour’. We jest, but it makes it no less true to say Cherry Limeade is strikingly clean, light, and zesty. A welcome switch from some of the heavier liquids doing the rounds at the Juice Bar recently. From the first toot, the lime makes itself known in all its citrus succulence and the Cherry is less pronounced but skilfully balanced to produce a texture which is, unavoidable in stating a misnomer; weightless. Cherry Limeade feels effortlessly gratifying on the palate. The Lime is the major hitter here. Perhaps if Dr B’ was to niggle about a niggle he has, it would have welcomed pushing the cherry up in the mix just a smidge. He is scratching to find fault here though as the overall aromatic profile is highly impressive. Cherry Limeade by Mama J’s Juice confirms just how skilled we regard this ‘flavour maker’….Dr B’ crank out a bit of Outkast, it’s time aptly for “So Fresh So Clean”.

Mama Cherry 2 Neg

Mama J’s Flavor Shop: Facebook | Twitter 
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