Swathe of public vaping bans hit US and Canada


in the press collated


*Portland, Maine – Portland City Council bans e-cigarettes in public places
On Monday, the City of Portland voted in favour of banning e-cigarettes in public places. The city already prohibits lighting up traditional cigarettes in public parks and restaurants; the new ordinance adds ‘vapours’ to the list. City council heard public comment for more than an hour. Many of the people who spoke against the ban argue e-cigarettes or vaping has helped them quit smoking regular cigarettes. One woman said she smoked for 14 years before she started vaping and was then able to completely stop. A former Portland resident, who said the device helped him quit as well, drove all the way from his new home in Boston to voice his opposition. Read full article
**Boca Raton, Florida – Boca the latest to restrict electronic cigarette use
Vaping in Boca? Then like it or not, from now on your electronic cigarette will be regulated, just like smoking the regular tobacco version. Following the lead of nearby municipalities, the Boca Raton City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance that restricts the use of e-cigs in public places consistent with state prohibitions on tobacco cigarettes. “I believe we’ve now done our homework,” said Councilman Scott Singer, who sponsored the ordinance after reviewing medical evidence. “I think it’s appropriate to regulate this area,” he told fellow council members. Read full article
***Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – No vaping on the LRT. Proposed Edmonton bylaw would put public ban on e-cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes will face the same ban on public puffing as tobacco under a proposal approved Tuesday by city council. The battery-operated devices, which emit water vapour and usually contain nicotine or flavouring, aren’t regulated in Edmonton. But councillors decided to impose controls because scientists can’t say whether breathing this vapour causes health damage. “We’re not saying you can’t have these cigarettes,” Coun. Ben Henderson said. “We just say you need to be able to do this where you don’t bother others.” Read full article


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