Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Ghostly Swim 2 Compilation – Grapevine by Anenon

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Legend has it that Brian Eno’s concept of ambient music came to him while laid up in a hospital bed after an auto-mobile accident in the ’70s. A friend brought him some records, playing them too low to be properly heard, and Eno couldn’t get out of bed to adjust the volume. While the record spun softly, Eno’s idea for music you could ignore as easily as you could give it your full attention, like a sort of sonic wallpaper, was born. It’s in that spirit of quiet isolation that Ghostly International, in association with Adult Swim, shares Ghostly Swim 2, our way of giving listeners a space to get away from the manic holiday bustle – Ghostly International

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Anenon is Brian Allen Simon a native L.A. artist and the founder of the Non Projects record label. Using contemporary tools, Brian mines the intersection of electronics, jazz, improvisation and spiritual atmospherics – Zoobook
Release date: out now on Ghostly International
Dr B’s recommended juice: a sonic strawberry sundae

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