Indonesian Clove by Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar

100% proof DR B JUICE

  • Company: Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar
  • Flavour: Indonesian Clove
  • Size: 5ml sample (reviewed) 15ml (standard size)
  • PG/VG blend: 100% VG!
  • Nicotine: 12mg
  • Born: Miami (Florida, USA)
  • Recommended stockist: Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar
  • Dr B’s personal taste SCORE: 3/5

kind clove1

Tasting Notes/What they say: Embark on a journey to the far east to experience a spicy exotic clove. Contains organic vegetable glycerine, organic extracts, organic sugar cane alcohol.

What Dr B’ says: Fellow vapesters if you have made it thus far and are reading this undeterred by the idea of partaking in a Clove Tobacco vape (we and the B’ cant be the only folks who would regard such a prospect as less than palatable) we would firstly ask you to graciously forgive us for our assumption, that you may just fall into one of two categories. One, you are a liberal-minded young bean and as such the thought of sucking on a Clove tainted Tobacco leaf for reasons other than ‘medicinal’ just kind of floats your boat. Two, you like all of us at B’ Vaping HQ are frankly hankering to find out if Kind Juice have let a wild one out of the stables.

Straight out the blocks, this is certainly unorthodox and THICK! Thick in its consistency like onion gravy! Indonesian Clove has got to rank as one of the most pungent of juices Dr B’ has seen at his errr Juice Bar. The aromatic assault that whiffs on up into your ‘hooter’ from the moment you pop the cork is profound. 100% Clove charges out the bottle and into your life. Technically, flavour replication and profile is exceptional. This is down to Kind Juice’s trademark use of pure organic ingredients and non synthetic construction. In fact you may well need to remind yourself, that you are not actually vaping clove oil. The Miami Mix-masters are one step ahead, Indonesian Clove is combined with their very own Route 66 Tobacco blend to give it an added dimension.

kind clove3

First toot onwards and you are presented with that dry Clove vapour. It is complex with notes of perfumed pepper and spice. Unpredictably and very cleverly, a sweetness develops to balance said dryness. The Tobacco at this stage is less defined than the Clove. A special mention should go to the increased prominence of the Tobacco when vaping at higher wattage(s). Perhaps the most remarkable quality at work here is Kind Juice have harnessed the analgesic properties of the Clove. Think this sounds pretentious? Maybe, but Dr B’ would refer you to the tingling numbness your tongue is feeling as proof of this statement. Throat hit is hardy and colossal Clove-y Clouds stream out, just don’t be too surprised if peeps don’t come within 30 feet of you.

Dr B’ finds himself a touch overwhelmed by Indonesian Clove. As a technical achievement, Kind Juice are nearly in a league of their own. As a pleasurable vaping experience that won’t require industrial strength tank cleaning abilities if you ever want to taste another juice again? We and the B’ will get back to thee.

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