Lime Cheesecake by The Alchemist’s Cupboard

100% proof DR B JUICE

  • Company: The Alchemist’s Cupboard
  • Flavour: Lime Cheesecake
  • Size: 10ml (reviewed)
  • PG/VG blend: 50%/50%
  • Nicotine: 12mg
  • Born: Norwich (Norfolk, UK)
  • Recommended stockist: The Alchemist’s Cupboard
  • Dr B’s personal taste SCORE: 4.2/5
  • OVERALL SCORE: 4.3/5

AC Lime1

Tasting Notes/What they say: The Alchemist’s Cupboard take on another fantastic dessert. We all love a good cheesecake (well most of us do) and this is no exception. Loads of deep lime flavour, but not too sharp. Perfectly blended with a creamy biscuit cheesecake base. We extended our trials for this one, using around one hundred vapers from Vapefest as testers to taste it blind. Everyone, without exception loved it so we have decided to release it. One that just has to be tried.

This E-liquid has been created at a 50PG/50VG ratio to give a good thick vapour production and a nice flavour in the mouth and after on the exhale. This liquid deepens and develops even more over time. It’s good to go after just 5 days steeping, but will develop more if put away in a nice warm place for a few more days. Go on, go on, go on…you know you want to!

What Dr B’ says: Who would be so bold as to disagree with The Alchemist’s Cupboard on their assertion that most people favour the reverential ‘cake of cheese’? Certainly not Dr B’, he has long admired the cheesy advances this dessert has flirtatiously bestowed upon him in the past. Besides, the magicians from Norwich, UK, have in past outings to the Juice Bar, set the bar so high that even Sergey Bubka would be full of praise. What could possibly go awry with Lime Cheesecake then?

AC Lime2

Well to perhaps muted dramatic effect…not a great deal, barring a minor niggle here and there. We are in expert hands once again with The Alchemists. Lime Cheesecake is fully realised, fully replicated and fully ruddy moreish. You will quite happily toot away the day to this one. The Lime has a starring role from the inhale with a zesty ambition to impress your taste buddies. The balance struck with the cheese (Dr B’ assumes to be or closely resembling Fromage frais) is finely handled so as not to over errr ‘cheese-ify’ proceedings. That niggle? To Dr B’s palate, Lime Cheesecake could have done with a touch more kick from the biscuit base. It is by no means lost in the flavour profile just a tad subdued when competing against the louty lime.

The 50/50 blend speaks volumes for The Alchemists. Flavour is their forte and this balance between vapour production and delivery of said flavour is testament to their success. Not that you will by any stretch, feel hard done by in the cloud department you understand. The Alchemist’s Cupboard with Lime Cheesecake once again show the competition just how to do the juicy do do…errr we mean…juice the do do…errr…HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE!…magic (eventually)

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