Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Everyone’s Crazy by Braille (Machinedrum remix)

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Praveen Sharma only started releasing music under his solo alias Braille roughly four years ago. Previously, Sharma was known for his collaboration with popular underground dance musician Travis Stewart (a.k.a Machinedrum) on their short-lived duo known as Sepulcure. The release of the Everyone’s Crazy EP functions as the precedent to Braille’s forthcoming full-length Mute Swan, to be released on label Friends of Friends. This first release by Sharma’s solo moniker showcases his affinity for deep rhythms, dance music, hip hop and R&B. While keeping things fairly dark, the album still showcases a solid pop mentality, making the EP fairly progressive and accessible – The Advocate
Travis Stewart gives his Sepalcure partner’s “Everyone’s Crazy” a typically percussive makeoverRA

Release date: out now on Friends Of Friends
Dr B’s recommended juice: Everyone’s Crazy for Cheesecake

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