E-cigarette maker: Study shows electronic cigarettes are less addictive than conventional ones

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The health risks posed to users of e-cigarettes and the people nearby remain uncertain. Some products give off visible smoke, while others don’t. Some of the liquids vaporized by the devices contain pleasant flavours, sparking fear that non-cigarette smokers, particularly teens will embrace them and become addicted to nicotine. Complicating the debate: some liquids don’t contain any nicotine at all, which avoids the health risk that nicotine is known to pose.
Against this backdrop, the Rhode Island Senate Committee on Health & Human Services held a hearing April 16, 2015, on two proposals. The first, S-482, would require vendors to post the same warning signs that go with conventional tobacco products when they sell e-cigarettes. The second, S-489, prohibits the use of electronic nicotine delivery system products in public places and places of employment, just as smoking is prohibited.
One person to testify against both bills was Dino Baccari, whose North Providence company, White Horse Vapor, makes and sells e-cigarettes. Baccari contended that even though conventional cigarettes and most e-cigs contain nicotine, “vaping” on an e-cigarette is not as addictive. He said he had the evidence to prove it. Read full article

C. Eugene Emery Jr (03 May 2015) E-cigarette maker: Study shows electronic cigarettes are less addictive than conventional ones [journal]. Retrieved from http://www.politifact.com/rhode-island/statements/2015/may/03/dino-baccari/e-cigarette-maker-study-shows-electronic-cigarette/


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