UK Vaping comes of age | VAPE JAM | First ever UK Vaping Expo

DR B' BREAKINGUK in the house

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Screenshot 2015-05-03 at 19.10“It’s a London thing”…Everyone at B’ Vaping HQ is buzzing for this. Vape Jam UK, the first (really?) industry lead Expo’ to hit the capital takes place this coming Friday 8th and Saturday 9th May at London Olympia. Dr B’ will be donning his best threads, stocking up on juice, and heading into Ye Olde London town to bring you all the juicy details. Far be it from us to convince you, take it away Vape Jam UK…
Screenshot 2015-05-03 at 19.12“…Vape Jam UK is the first e-cigarette convention of its kind in the United Kingdom, opening it’s doors to the manufacturers, vendors and vapers around the world. London being a global business capital, has only recently demonstrated growth in the vaping domain. This is where Vape Jam UK comes in, our aim is to introduce London, The United Kingdom and Europe to the vaping industry; in an effort to change the face of vaping and give Europe the quality and diversity that it deserves…”

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An impressive array of industry players are lined up from across the UK, European, and American vaping scenes, set to welcome thousands of vapers and present their ‘wares’, all in the name of a jolly old ‘juice-up’…

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The Immaculate Conception 
“…The concept of Vape Jam UK was envisioned by Amir Saeed a.k.a P-Vaper. Amir is one of the first UK-based vendors to introduce premium US e-juice and hardware to the UK and European market. He recently started his own line of e-liquid; Penguin Juice. A vibrant personality with a humble mind, he strives to hit the hard goals that he sets himself and serve the vaping community for which he cares greatly. Mr Penguin is a ‘flavour chaser’ who occasionally makes appearances at different vape’ meets and events to offer numerous freebies to both those just starting out or in search of a new flavour. 
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In order to realise his vision, Amir tirelessly worked on the project and sought out the assistance of Maria Borissova; a passionate professional who campaigns passionately for the wider vaping industry. Maria saw an opportunity to raise awareness to the benefits of e-cigarettes, sharing her knowledge through a united forum and communicating with manufacturers of vaping hardware, e-liquid, and those who seek to quit smoking. A vaper herself, she embarks upon each day with her trusty Kayfun by her side and a gold-plated patriot for the downtime…”
A sure sign that the vaping scene is alive, kicking, and well and truly here to stay. Keep it locked to Dr B’ Vaping as we debrief with Dr B’ on all the shenanigans from Vape Jam real soon…JAMmy Spud that he is.

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