Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Water Came Down by Rosie Lowe (Pional Remix)

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On record she casts a stark and spacious musical landscape that lets every sentence echo with sentiment over deep and polished beats. Rosie Lowe is sharing a remix of her recent track Water Came Down by none other than Pional. The prime version is a tender, spine-tingling ballad that’ll set the hackles on your neck to full mast. Pional’s take submerges the original in thick, gluey gloss of techno and bass-heavy dance. It whomps and burbles like tar bubbles, but as the chorus dawns the pace, the energy and sheer oomph are all geared skywards. It’s beautifully fractured – The Line of Best Fit
Release date: We and Dr B’ caught napping, out now
Dr B’s recommended juice: A tender toffee

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