Meet The Players: “Using Kindness as a Conduit” with KIND JUICE ORGANIC E-NECTAR


meet kind main

Please introduce yourself

“…We are Kind Juice. A family based company dedicated to merging art with quality. Founded by two multimedia artists whose mission it was to help family and friends quit smoking traditional cigarettes…”

Where in the world are you?

Kind Juice is located in super sunny and tropical south Florida aka Miami where we are constantly inspired by the diversity in plants, tastes, and cultures.

How did you get into the vaping game?

As with most great endeavours, it started with a question “what are in e-cigs?” From there, the journey has led us through a challenging quest of sourcing the best raw organic ingredients and using vapour as our canvas.

kind menu

What sets Kind Juice out from the crowd? 

First and foremost, our kindness literally. Using kindness as a conduit to achieve excellence is an art form in its self. That is our core principle. If we can be kind to ourselves then we can be kind in our approach to ingredients, and ultimately the mindfulness permeates through our craftsmanship and customer service. Secondly, we are a ‘PG free’ company that only uses certified organic ingredients that’s fuelled by nature. Finally, for those who care not about organic ingredients, we pride ourselves on our mastery of craftsmanship ability.

What hardware are you buzzing about, currently?

Sub-Ohm or go HOME! Aspire Atlantis and Kanger Nano tanks!

kind karma

What future regulations do you envisage there being set upon the vaping industry?

“No army can stop an idea whose time has come” -Victor Hugo

Change is inevitable and is dependent on the actions of the people. Regardless of what regulations will be proposed, it’s primarily up to the actions of the vaping community on a global scale to be informed, active, and organized when it comes to the political efforts to thwart vaping. The genie is out of the bottle with vapour. It’s helped so many people, that trying to control it at this point will be impossible. That doesn’t mean that regulators wont try as they most certainly will and have. However, being armed with research and data showcasing the true facts about vapour is something every person vaping should do. This will help them when they engage the public in open forum or debates helping to debunk the misinformation and fear based lies that play a part in shaping public opinion about vaping. Ultimately, we have a lot of creative people in our industry and it’s time to use their creativity to bring truth to the surface.

Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 16.10

12 months from now, where will you be?

We’re trying to make through to tomorrow! lol. Only God knows, however we would like to continue to be blessed on our journey helping people around the world transition to a more conscious lifestyle, keep bringing out innovative products, and make time to live, laugh a little, and love this magnificent thing called life on planet earth!

If Dr B’ was sadly and tragically hit by a bus tomorrow, which of your juices should he try before the reaper taketh him?

Oh geez! Well, we all return to source. That’s what we’ve all got in common despite our many differences! We’d recommend taking a hot air balloon ride over the Amazon river while vaping Lucidity amongst the clouds! At least, the day before your unfortunate departure can be spent in a dream like bliss. May your soul V.I.P (vape in peace).

kind amazon

Vaping top tip?

Keep coils clean, use organic cotton, don’t let other’s slobber on your drip tip.

Anything we forgot?

“To understand the secrets of the universe, you must understand energy, frequency, and vibration” -Nikola Tesla

Best of energy to you and many thanks for taking the time to review our craft!

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