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Enrico De Vecchi’s a.k.a Olderic musical history could be written visiting his archive of more than 10,000 vinyls. Among these precious beats & pieces are the elements that have shaped his eclectic DJ sets, much to the admiration of his fans. Also synonymous with quality productions since 2009, Olderic has released his mixture of modern and old skool house on labels like Terminal M and Area Remote amongst many more. After a strong 2014 focusing on gigs, Olderic returned to the studio.  Now, fresh and ready, he has presented a new, fascinating EP Alma

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Olderic’s debut on Compost Black Label is definitively one with style! The title track, which is nothing less than a banger, takes listeners on a journey with gentle but effective bass and rhythmic patterns. Alma also receives the first class remix treatment from drum master Christian Prommer. He transforms the subtle original into a single breath race, thanks to an irresistible rhythmical sequence built around the track’s anthemic framework.

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No stranger to the scene,  Christian Prommer is a prolific producer, DJ, drummer, and musician. He has produced and composed genre defining and award-winning dance music for two decades. As founding member of Fauna Flash, Trüby Trio, and VoomVoom. As producer and co-writer for Kruder and DorfmeisterDJ Hell, Kim SandersThe Dining Rooms, and Incognito. And finally with his own projects Prommer and Barck and most notably Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson. With his band, solo shows, and DJ sets he travels the world non stop from big jazz festivals to the darkest after hour clubs – Deep House Amsterdam

Release date: Out now on Compost Black Label
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Alma’ have-a vintage Cognac

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