Through The Fog | VAPE JAM UK (8/9th May) | London Olympia

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 Through The Fog VAPE JAM UK

first ever UK Vaping Expo’ LONDON OLYMPIA

“a journey in pictures, moments, and quotes”

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Vape Jam UK is the first e-cigarette convention of its kind in the United Kingdom, opening it’s doors to the manufacturers, vendors and vapers around the world”

olympia vapejam

ukecig vapejam

the hulk stand

phil vapejam pair

“my dearest London! Thank you all so much for the amazing welcome today. You can’t imagine what it meant to me and I can’t wait till tomorrow” Phil Busardo

phil pair vapejam

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stand vapejam

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“Much love to our #UKvapers #KindJuice #Family! Spreading the #love and #passion” Kind Juice

kind club vapejam

“we see ourselves like the curators of an art gallery whose job it is to ensure that the walls are adorned only with the best works of art from the world’s greatest artists” Vape Club

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main stage vapejam

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Vapers In Power is a new political party registered in the UK with The Electoral Commission. The party was formed in response to the draconian clause in the Tobacco Products Directive (Article 20) which could potentially prevent events like Vape Jam UK from taking place. Political parties enjoy some rights to free speech by registering Vapers In Power we hope to guarantee that vaping will not be forced out of the public arena”  

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clouds pair vapejam

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alley stands vapejam

massive mod vapejam

cameras vapejam

empty stage vapejam

“we would like to thank all of the sponsors, exhibitors, guests, friends, and family for your participation and support. Both during the preparation stages and during the days of the event. We hope you enjoyed this event and those in the future. Vape on and vape safe” Vape Jam UK

swag vapejam

“Proud as ‘punch’ to be a part of this constantly evolving, fully enthralling global vaping scene!” Dr B’ 

Untitled drawing (1)

vape jam art



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