E-cigarette company files suit against state of Indiana

in the press



Inside Derb-E-Cigs in Clarksville, owner Troy Leblanc is preparing for an uncertain future, now that Indiana’s House Enrolled Act 1432 has passed. Leblanc, who has five stores total, questions the motive of the new law. “Who is writing this bill? What’s the main purpose of this bill? Is it to protect the citizens or is it to push us out,” Leblanc asked. Starting in July of 2016, the law will require companies that make e-liquid to obtain a permit from the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. Those producers, whether they’re in Indiana or not, will be required to have 24-7 security monitoring in their production and storage rooms. They’ll also have to submit blueprints of their facilities. Read full article

Christina Mora (13 May 2015) E-cigarette company files suit against state of Indiana [news]. Retrieved from http://www.wlky.com/news/ecigarette-company-files-suit-against-state-of-indiana/33003378


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