Teacher’s Pet by Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar

100% proof DR B JUICE

  • Company: Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar
  • Flavour: Teacher’s Pet
  • Size: 5ml sample (reviewed) 15ml (standard size)
  • PG/VG blend: 100% VG!
  • Nicotine: 8mg
  • Born: Miami (Florida, USA)
  • Recommended stockist: Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar
  • Dr B’s personal taste SCORE: 4.7/5
  • OVERALL SCORE: 4.6/5


kind teacher 1

Tasting Notes/What they say: Washington crisp red apples dipped in rich creamy caramel.

What Dr B’ says: There’s a quiet confidence at work in the concise nature of Kind Juice’s tasting notes. No skin of them bones, as they say. The Miami mix-masters don’t need to embellish their juices with literary hyperbole in a vain attempt to attract our attention. Nor do they pander to the latest juice fads or trends, it’s the Kind way, everyday! or not at all. In short, past appearances to Dr B’s Juice Bar from the Max VG specialists have been highly impressive. When on the top of their game, few other juice vendors come close, barring the odd rather confusing addition to their range (can anyone say Indonesian Clove?) their nectars command the respect of the most discerning of vappsters. So it is with fervent anticipation and skittish merriment then that Dr B’ has a toot on Teacher’s Pet.

Dr B’ is yet to frequent Washington, let alone savour the succulence of an apple from the ‘Evergreen State’ but gawd damn’, stone the crows! If this is how they grow them, book the flights now. The apple that envelops off the inhale is divine, refreshing, and terrifically tasty, a tad ‘tarty’. This refreshing flavour profile is strengthened further by an injection of sweetness from the caramel. It coats the vapour and your taste buddies in a smooth texture, right on down to the throat tickle. Teacher’s Pet is bang on the buck, beautiful to vape. In lesser skilled juice making hands, it could have fast become sickly sweet. Not with Kind Juice, we are firmly in the aforementioned ‘top game’ territory. The aromatic profile is measured to near perfection here.

At this juncture, Dr B’ is sold on Teacher’s Pet, bowled over in fact, no more needs to be done. Kind Juice ain’t done yet though, their signature move always comes late on and begins with the letter ‘C’ then ‘L’ then ‘O’ errr then ‘U’ then errr ‘D’ and finally ‘S’…now the last time we and the B’ checked, ladies and gents that spells CLOUDS! Apple shaped gargantuan clouds in your life NOW! So a pearl of wisdom to the competition from Dr B’ just for today…game over, go home, Kind Juice Organic E-Nectar are back at The Bar!

kind teacher3

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Dr B’ s Juice Bar opinions are 100% those of Dr B’ Vaping | no bias is shown towards any E-Juice supplier/stockist

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