Vape The Rainbow by The Alchemist’s Cupboard

100% proof DR B JUICE

  • Company: The Alchemist’s Cupboard
  • Flavour: Vape The Rainbow
  • Size: 10ml (reviewed)
  • PG/VG blend: 50%/50%
  • Nicotine: 8mg
  • Born: Norwich (Norfolk, UK)
  • Recommended stockist: The Alchemist’s Cupboard
  • Dr B’s personal taste SCORE: 4/5
  • OVERALL SCORE: 4.2/5

AC rainbow1

Tasting Notes/What they say: We all know the flavour this e-liquid aims to replicate, and we The Alchemists feel this achieves it very well. Full of fruity flavour with a sweet candy shell, it’s all there. If you like the sweets then you will love this e-liquid. Made as a 50VG/50PG to give good flavour reproduction that lasts, with a nice balanced quantity of vapour. We find this liquid only requires a few days steeping to deliver the taste as we like it, but you may like it a little more mature. If you have a variable voltage/wattage device, we advise using a mid range voltage/wattage.

What Dr B’ says: All the colours of the rainbow, the full spectrum, a sight to behold for sure, when the rain clouds pour. But with respect, that’s enough of the meteorological talk, we have juicy business to attend to. The Alchemist’s Cupboard return to Dr B’s Juice Bar with Vape The Rainbow. The ‘magicians from Norwich’ might (understandably) not want to name the famous confectionery brand faithfully being duplicated here. But you won’t find Dr B’ daunted by the possibility of a little copyright court action. No siree, Bob! We are quite clearly talking about “Brittles – Baste The Drain-hole” here. Alas, we and the B’ fear that joke holds only niche appeal at best to a select few living within The British Isles. Don’t let it ever be said we don’t keep it ‘UK’ on occasion fellow global vappsters.

Forgiving our humorous self-indulgence, Vape The Rainbow is remarkably well replicated. All the colours of the rainbow? More like all the flavours of the profile! Fruity aroma leaps from the bottle and up your nasal cavities. From the first toot, you are met by an onslaught of juiciness. In fact, there is so much aromatic zest at work here, it can be a little difficult to separate the individual fruit flavours. Although as the vapour travels, the citrus does develop handsomely. The texture of said vapour is substantial and satisfying to both your palate and throat. It perhaps goes without saying, this is one mighty sweet rainbow, saccharine succulence to the max’, expertly measured but at the top end of the sucrose scale.

End of the rainbow? Not quite, we and the B’ have seen from past appearances at The Juice Bar just how accurate The Alchemist’s Cupboard are with their tasting notes. Plaudits are once again wholly deserved, as their nod in the direction of wattage and voltage is prime advice. Dr B’ found in the 30-40w range, the increased prominence of an almost banana milkshake aroma. Certainly not unpleasant but certainly not in keeping so much with the (brand that shall remain anonymous) flavour profile. Dr B’s final slightly idiosyncratic tip?…”Vape The Rainbow DON’T Baste The Drain-hole!”…errr yeah sound advice there Dr B’ (we think).

AC rainbow2

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