Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Rawcast episode #010 | mixed by TOOLI (Local Talk Records)

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Tobias Lidström aka Tooli has been promoting, arranging and playing at parties all over Sweden since 2007. As a promoter Tobias been involved in several clubs, booked DJs and promoted venues on a regular basis. The main project for a very long time was 24:hrs which started as a site to promote new music and then grew to become a record label and one of Stockholm’s premier clubs. 24:hrs was nominated best club in Stockholm and held down three residencies since they started.

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In 2011 Mad Mats & Tooli joined forces and set up Local Talk Records and over the course of those three years they’ve poured heart and soul into putting out release after release of high quality underground house music. Always wanting to broaden their horizons, a year ago the guys covertly started working on the Telefonplan label focusing on rougher house and techno. At the moment Tooli is focusing on DJing, producing original material and his new label Omena, which he set up in 2014 – Raw Underground Records
“deep house/disco/techno inflected vibes, squarely aimed to make ya’ shoes shuffle. CLOUD FIRE!” – Dr B’


Release date: ‘Free to the world’
Dr B’s recommended juice: Disco biscuits!

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